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Musings and things...

(February 2024)

And they wonder why the disks in their servers keep failing... ewww.


(January 2024)

Yup, that's the microphone for a Sun MicroSystems Workstation, it had a replaceable coin battery inside and an on-off switch on the side. 


(December 2023)

From the great days of Novell's NetWare, with the Apple twist.


(September 2023)

How about the last of the 5.25" Hard Disks, 20MB, called the BigFoot, but thin!!

(June 2023)


My nostalgic mouse collection. On the left, the first optical mouse, in the middle the famous Microsoft soap bar mouse, and to the right a VERY early Microsoft mouse with a metal ball.


(Dec. 2022)


From my BBS days, the venerable Hayes SmartModems....


(July 2021)


The Oscilloscope I used to do my magic.... still works if you care to know...



(June 2021)


My original IBM PC motherboard with its co-processor, from which I pirated and hacked the BIOS for the clone PCs to come. 


(May 2019)


Also came in black!Also came in black!


My last sheet of write protect tabs for 5 1/4" floppy disks, hope I don't run out....


 (July 4th, 2017)


  From the days of COAX Ethernet and ThickNet....


(July 3rd, 2017)



Look at these bad boys... for those of us who didn't want to use the little stickers.. And look where they were made, no cheap Chinese crap here.


(February 8th, 2017) Nostalgia for days gone by... 









Threw this box away today, circa 1990... when things in IT were still newish! I installed and ran this email system using dial-up modems between Canada and Europe when I was at Philips Electronics, what a ride!


(January 19th, 2017) Why no social network feed?

Because the majority of social network sites require a login to access content, and whatever content is made available through them is then the property of the social network site, read the fine print. We don't want to impose this with all the freekin ads on our customers to access our site. We believe in a free and anonymous web experience, long live the free Internet! I do miss the good old BBS days.... and even CompuServe...., just a little..


You can silence my voice but you will never erase my words..... you neanderthals!







Youtube SysAdmins

What drives me nuts these days is the YouTube SysAdmins I've been running across. Some schmuck with a cell phone camera and zero real IT training takes a video of himself installing some IT product and posts it on YouTube. Now, some real SysAdmin sees this video and thinks it’s just that easy to implement said product. He forgoes any real training or professional help and implements the product following the video's next-next-next-done procedure with no real understanding of the options or implications. Does this make work for It folks like me, ABSOLUTELY, but not pleasant work.     









So you though the toilet seat cover was a big issue in the house. Well, do I have news for you. A whole new controversy is brewing and I am proud to be the one to bring it out of the shadows. What am I talking about, the great toilet paper roll issue of course. No, not the hullabaloo about who should change the roll or what is the proper amount of sections to use. This is something much more sinister. I'm taking about the proper way to mount a roll in the dispenser. The right way is to lead the roll into the dispenser with the loose end flowing over the top of the roll towards the outside (see picture) as opposed to the incorrect way which would have the loose paper flowing down from the back of the roll. Now, this may sound mundane to some but if we let this kind of debauchery go on, we may as well allow single ply toilet paper into our homes, or worst, scented toilet paper....