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About Us

RED RIDER is a proudly Canadian IT consulting firm supplying VARs, ISVs and System Integrators with professional services to supplement their fine internal staff. We specialize in vSphere and Hyper-V Virtualization, SAN based storage solutions, Disaster Recovery planning, SAN Training, as well as MEDITECH specific services for Healthcare organisations across Canada.

Our principal consultants have 30+ consecutive years of real-world IT experience, having worked directly for such industry visionaries as Philips Electronics, Data General, EMC, AMDAHL, Fujitsu, and Dell's MEDITECH Solutions Group. They continue to work with the industry's most innovative manufacturers, VARs, System Integrators, and developers.

Why the name Red Rider? Well, obviously the band Red Rider, but we also sharpened our teeth in late 83 on an obscure little product called NetWare. Now, I'm sure none of you remember NetWare 68, but we do. It evolved into NetWare 86, NetWare 286, NetWare 386, NetWare 4, NetWare 5, NetWare 6.......... We stopped working with the product when they lost the great network war to Microsoft and we moved over to the dark side. So, why the name again? NetWare came in a nice BIG RED BOX with real manuals and... 5.25" disks..... although.... IBM did jump on the bandwagon at some point and had blue boxes..... I digress...

Netware by NovellNetware by Novell